1/32 Clarktor towing tractor

Posted on | maggio 6, 2017

This tug tractor has been present in the airfields since the beginning of the Second World War, during her long service it has been modified many times “on the field”, this model represents one of the original (basic) version produced by the Clark factory easily customizable based on photographic documentation.

1/72 Modern RAF/R.N tractor

Posted on | aprile 10, 2017

Modern tug tractor for aircraft & helicopters used extensively today in the main Raf/R.Navy air bases. Complete with photoetched, decals and precut transparent.

1/32 USN Aero12c w/figure & bombs

Posted on | marzo 6, 2017

A little set with a “red shirt” ordnanceman that carries a couple of Mk82 High Drag Fin with Aero 12 cart.

1/32 US.Navy Mk82 HighDrag Fin

Posted on | febbraio 22, 2017

Set of 8 US.Navy Mk82 BSU-86B High-Drag Fin, body with tick ablative fire-retardant coating.

1/32 US Bombs AN-M64 500lb w/Trolley

Posted on | febbraio 13, 2017

Set of Six 1/32 US WWII Bombs with trolley.

1/32 US Bombs AN-M64 500lb (6 pcs.)

Posted on | febbraio 13, 2017

Six 1/32 US WWII Bombs, complete with decals & PE Set.

1/32 UsNavy Deck Crew Set

Posted on | gennaio 15, 2017

Best value for money, set of five USN figures, two previously released (with Chocks & Holdbacks) plus two Shooters and a Fly Operator, these new mold.

1/32 CBU-87

Posted on | gennaio 8, 2017

Set of 4 submunitions/bomblets dispenser, complete with decals.

1/32 MHU191 revised/new tool

Posted on | dicembre 5, 2016

MHU-191 Munitions transporter (modified/new tool) with new figures and 4 GBU 38 bombs, decals included.

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Posted on | dicembre 1, 2012

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