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Posted on | novembre 11, 2019

1/48 F-104 Starter Set

Posted on | novembre 4, 2019

SoldOUT, available again from 18 November

Temporaneamente esaurito, disponibile di nuovo dal 18 Novembre

This is for all the (Italian) Starfighter lovers, the typical starter set composed by the Atlas compressor and the GPU, essential for the start-up of the J79 together with the famous “five fingers”, this set was used mainly by the Italian Air force but in a NATO standard anyway. Completed with photo etched, decals, resin air hose and electric cables.

1/32 U.S.Navy Modern Tow Tractor

Posted on | ottobre 2, 2019

This new product was expected by all aircraft carrier enthusiasts, the new towing tractor currently in use with the Navy, replaces the old “mule” MD-3 model, complete with decals, photo etched and also a driver figure.

1/32 MD-1 Towbar “Early”

Posted on | luglio 10, 2019

The second towbar of the series, this time for the period Vietnam-ColdWar.

1/32 USAF F/L maintenance

Posted on | luglio 2, 2019

This is an upgrade of a previous set with the addition of a drawer, various tools, a suitcase, buckets and more, what it takes for a modern diorama on the flight line. You can also add the set 153832.

1/32 USN Aero12 cart “Explosive”

Posted on | giugno 11, 2019

A little DUAL set based on Aero12 cart with a “explosive” container, ideal to populate a carrier deck.

1/32 MD-1 Towbar “Late”

Posted on | aprile 29, 2019

MD-1 Nosewheel Aircraft Towbar, for different types of aircraft, used from the eighties until today.

1/32 USAF AM32A-86 Generator

Posted on | marzo 26, 2019

This Hobart AM32A-86 is widely used by the late eighties until today by various air forces for a large type of aircraft. Rubber cable and decals included.

1/32 SUU-30 (CBU-54) H/B “late”

Posted on | marzo 19, 2019

6 complete submunition dispenser SUU-30 CBU-54 H/B “late” with decals & photoetched parts, post Viet War, late Cold War until 1991 Gulf War.

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