1/32 UsNavy Deck Crew Set

Posted on | gennaio 15, 2017

Best value for money, set of five USN figures, two previously released (with Chocks & Holdbacks) plus two Shooters and a Fly Operator, these new mold.

1/32 CBU-87

Posted on | gennaio 8, 2017

Set of 4 submunitions/bomblets dispenser, complete with decals.

1/32 MHU191 revised/new tool

Posted on | dicembre 5, 2016

MHU-191 Munitions transporter (modified/new tool) with new figures and 4 GBU 38 bombs, decals included.

1/32 Usaf Flight Line Extinguishers

Posted on | novembre 21, 2016

Available again Usaf crew figure (NEW TOOL) with Halon extinguisher and three hand extinguishers.

1/72 RAF Houchin 25Kva GPU

Posted on | ottobre 10, 2016

Royal Air Force Ground Power Unit in 1/72 Scale, resin parts and decals for one version.

1/48 RAF Houchin 25Kva GPU

Posted on | ottobre 10, 2016

Royal Air Force Ground Power Unit in 1/48 Scale, resin parts, decals and photo etched for one version.

1/32 BLU-27 Fire Bombs (finned)

Posted on | ottobre 9, 2016

Set of 2 BLU-27 fire bombs finned, with decals and photo etched.

1/32 A/M32A-60 Generator Set

Posted on | luglio 25, 2016

The A/M32A-60 Generator Set, commonly called the “Dash 60 start cart”………….continue reading

Products survey

Posted on | dicembre 1, 2012

I would like to know your opinion to realize my next projects, thanks for you patience.

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About me….

Posted on | novembre 14, 2012

Hi from Italy, i’m a former video producer in the field of Military Aviation (see my Youtube tribute), i’ve worked with several Air Force and aircraft manufacturers around the world until 2005. i’m also modeller since I was a little boy, mainly aircraft. For about a year I’m working on this project, the production of resin accessories for dioramas, figures and aftermarket. All the master pattern is made entirely in CAD and then printed with rapid prototyping machines, one of the advantages of this solution is to simultaneously obtain the three main scales (72, 48 & 32) with minor modifications. The first subject of this series is the ubiquitous Clark Tug Tractor, will soon follow the MJ-1 Lift truck in two main versions, early for Vietnam era and Late for today use.
Being primarily accessories for dioramas I deliberately simplified some details without penalizing the overall look of the models, where possible I will try to add one or two figures as a bonus, I think it’s a good thing for modellers.