1/32 MD3 Aircraft generator

Posted on | febbraio 12, 2018

Large scale version of this very well known aircraft generator used by the USAF and several others air forces fron the sixties onward. Decals and cables included.

1/32 USAF Modern Crew “Marshalling”

Posted on | gennaio 25, 2018

Usaf modern figure bundled with flight line extinguishers and chocks

1/32 MK82 bombs “late” W/BSU-33 tail

Posted on | gennaio 16, 2018

Revised/improved old set of 8 MK82 bombs with BSU-33 tail.

1/32 MK82 bombs “early” W/MAU-93 tail

Posted on | gennaio 16, 2018

Revised/improved old set of 8 MK82 bombs with MAU-93 tail and extended fuze.

1/32 MK84 2000lbs bombs

Posted on | dicembre 11, 2017

4 MK84 2000lbs bombs, with fuzes, extended fuzes, caps and lugs, decals included.

1/32 USAF Crew Chief “cold weather”

Posted on | novembre 21, 2017

Usaf Crew Chief (modern) figure in cold weather dress, with ladder, metal box & speed handle tool.

1/32 USN MK83/BLU-110 Bombs

Posted on | novembre 9, 2017

Set of 4 USN MK83/BLU-110 bombs with light ablative fire-retardating coating.

1/32 USN Missiles Cart w/Figures

Posted on | ottobre 30, 2017

In addition to the previous bombs cart this is a new version of missiles cart complete with two US Navy ordnancemen figures.

1/32 Usaf Vietnam crew figures

Posted on | settembre 11, 2017

A couple of “Vietnam era” USAF crew plus one flight line extinguisher.

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Posted on | dicembre 1, 2012

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