Closing for Holidays

Posted on | agosto 5, 2018

Opening on Monday, August 20, all orders received within the day of Sunday August 5 will be shipped by August 8, thanks for everything.

1/32 New MJ1 loader drivers.

Posted on | luglio 12, 2018

Listening some requests i made two new modern figures that will be included from now in the MJ1 Loader package:
one “Vietnam style” for the early A loader,
the other contemporary USAF crew chief for the late B loader.
For all those who have recently purchased one of this products i offer the possibility of having one of these figures for free in a next order or paying only for shipping costs.

1/48 USN Deck Crew Figure w/bombs

Posted on | giugno 26, 2018

This is a scaled down of the original 1/32 subject, it represents a modern red shirt aviation ordnanceman with Aero12 cart and a couple of Mk82 BSU-86B High-Drag Fin.

1/32 Deck Crew Aircraft maintenance

Posted on | giugno 5, 2018

1/32 U.S. Navy Deck Crew Aircraft maintenance figures w/AERO 12C cart, metal boxes & tool.

1/32 BLU111/Mk82 BSU-33 Tail

Posted on | maggio 21, 2018

8 U.S.Navy BLU111/Mk82 bombs BSU-33 Tail with light ablative fire-retardating coating. Complete with DSU-33 proximity sensor, standard fuze, caps, lugs & decals.

1/48 Practice Bombs

Posted on | aprile 23, 2018

LIMITED PRODUCTION, 16 direct 3D printed BDU Practice Bombs, max two set per order, thanks.

1/32 SUU-20 Practice Dispenser

Posted on | marzo 19, 2018

SUU-20 practice dispenser with 6 (plus 2 spares) BDU-33 practice bombs.

1/32 Practice Bombs

Posted on | marzo 19, 2018

8 BDU-33 and 8 BDU-48 1/32 practice bombs.

1/32 Recce Pod Orpheus ITA

Posted on | marzo 1, 2018

1/32 Reconnaissance pod Orpheus used on 3° Stormo F-104 Italian AF.

1/32 Recce Pod Orpheus NL

Posted on | marzo 1, 2018

1/32 Reconnaissance pod Orpheus used on Dutch F-104G and later on F-16A.

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